We offer Traffic Survival School in Bullhead City, Kingman and Lake Havasu City.

We are driving educators

Our goal is to teach the best class possible with the highest learning. Safe driving skills stay with your forever. Driver Education is not just about getting your license. It’s about becoming a better, safer driver who feels more confident behind the wheel. The skills you learn in Driver Education will last you a lifetime.

Atlantic Driving School

Welcome to Atlantic Driving School of Arizona  The Family Owned Business!


We teach the value of making Good Choices in everything you do!

We are booking out one to two months for all lessons or classes  !!!

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atlantic3We serve Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City & Kingman, Arizona areas. Atlantic Driving School has been Nationally Certified by Driving School Association of the America’s since 1986. Atlantic has been teaching Driver Education beginning in 1984 in Maine till 2000, Florida 1995 to 1997 and since 2001  to today in Arizona. Our trainers have taught over 34,000 students of all ages to drive. We have warm friendly certified trainers who work one on one with students. Learning to drive take time.

The beginning driver feels like every move, to touch of a control, is an effort. We all have a tape in our head that tells us what to do, for most situations in life. The beginning driver’s tape is blank for driving.( This is for all students, of any age who are starting to learn to drive.) The more schooling a student takes, the more information goes into the tape.

So that they are better able to respond to driving situations in the future. The driver who has had a license for at least 5 years, does 95% of their driving out of their sub- conscience. That’s why you can drink coffee, talk to someone and drive. Everything works fine until you have a situation that takes concentration. Then, wow, you do something dumb and almost hit something or go off the road. We all have had that type of experience….Hopefully you did not crash. The cell phone issue is now coming to the for front. I was recently contacted by a National Lawyer Group. They have stated that the lawyers win most, if not all, cases that a cell phone was in use, when the accident took place. They are armed with an overwhelming number of reports demonstrating the perils of how unsafe driving and using a cell phone to talk or texting while driving. All they need to do is check the usages of your cell phone at the time of the accident.  There is also a law on the books called “Speed not reasonable and prudent” that the cops are using for any distracted driving issues.

Distracted drivers pose a serious danger to America’s roadways, accounting for nearly 80% of car accidents and 65% of near accidents. By 2030 it is estimated that one in five drivers in the US will be age 65 or older. Food for thought…

The  MAJOR reason why people get hurt in a car crash, of any type, is NOT HAVING YOUR SEAT BELT buckled.  Wow what a easy way to make this statistics go down!

Just put on your belt and stay healthy!  My Behind the Wheel CLASSES FILL UP REALLY FAST. YOU CAN REGISTER FOR A CLASS MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND MAKE PAYMENTS. At this point there is no instruction to help you get your permit.  You have to take your test at MVD,

Any questions e-mail: atlantic@ftmojave.com

There is a $25.00 fee for credit card reinforcement of funds for a cancelled class.